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shiegra: symmetra gazing steadily through her visor (+ welcome to my reality) (Default)
  • + welcome to my reality
Comment: in the calm violence of your being, desire [overwatch] valrider @ tumblr
Description: symmetra gazing steadily through her visor
shiegra: (the long centuries of human vigil)
  • the long centuries of human vigil
Comment: have filled her with ancient lament [stock] timepunching @ LJ
shiegra: (for my heart is a child)
  • for my heart is a child
Comment: that stumbles lonely for the arms of the wild [stock] maker unknown. help?
shiegra: (tonight the foxes hunt the hounds)
  • tonight the foxes hunt the hounds
Comment: in poison places, we are antivenom [blade] otherpictures @ LJ
shiegra: (bffs)
  • bffs
Comment: but i am coming home to you, if it's the last thing that i do [dark angel] isapiens @ lj
shiegra: (why? why? why?)
  • why? why? why?
Comment: because apples are fucking healthy, you patriarchal piece of shit [true blood] little_b0xes @ lj
shiegra: (me and god)
  • me and god
Comment: we don't get along [overwatch] missemilykaldwin @ tumblr
shiegra: (bones and skin)
  • bones and skin
Comment: [stock] kc-anathema @ LJ
shiegra: (there's nothing to writing)
  • there's nothing to writing
Comment: you just sit down at a typewriter and bleed [stock] maker unknown. help?
shiegra: (i have a new philosophy)
  • i have a new philosophy
Comment: i'm only going to dread one day at a time [calvin and hobbes] blotts @ LJ
shiegra: (pass the megaphone)
  • pass the megaphone
Comment: never let your schooling interfere with your education [stock] [personal profile] fascination
shiegra: (drunk on your voice in the doorway)
  • drunk on your voice in the doorway
Comment: i let my oars fall into the water [roswell] antarianskies @ LJ
shiegra: (my one and only wrecking ball)
  • my one and only wrecking ball
Comment: you're crashing through my walls [D.E.B.S.] causticammo @ LJ
shiegra: (día de los muertos)
  • día de los muertos
Comment: [stock] intentationem @ lj
shiegra: (death i think is no parenthesis)
  • death i think is no parenthesis
Comment: i want to touch the heart of the world and make it smile [stock] iconomicon @ LJ